As Promised…

Here it is! Progress!

Even though it doesn’t feel like it, I know that we are moving forward. Every time we start something on TAB we have to tear something else out, or go further than we thought. The floor was no exception. We did not want to take the whole shell off just to replace the floor, but since the factory installed the floor BEFORE setting the shell on top, it was necessary to reverse the process. Here is a video of us lifting the shell from the frame (well Brent, the Bakerz RV boys and my dad lifting, my mom and I supervised)… 🙂

Once the top was off, Jason started installing the holding tanks, the original tank was 2.5 gallons for the fresh water and there wasn’t a black or gray water tank. Now TAB will have 30 gallons of each; fresh, gray, and black water.

Almost complete install.

Almost complete install.

(Note: Sorry for the poor photo quality. I’ll use the good camera from now on)

We set the shell on top of the new sub floor (3/4″ thick high quality plywood) so that we could trace around it to get a good fit. We will be cutting out the shape with a fine blade skill saw and a jig saw on Thursday. It will take a few test fits, and we are learning as we go, but so far it seems to be going well.
tab trace

We are ordering parts and pieces this week too. Since we have gone too far this far with this project, we have decided to buy the best rated appliances and utilities for TAB. On-demand hot water, china toilet, low profile air conditioner and an over the top furnace. So excited!! My favorite find this week has to be the Bargman H20-2 door handle that has the part we need to fix ours!

Tune in later this week for more updates!


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