If you want it done right, do it yourself…

Well it looks like it will be yet another summer without being able to use the Bubble.  We were so excited to find a local RV company that could help us install the systems in our trailer, and we dropped it off in mid November 2012 with high hopes. Fast forward to Early April 2013 and they have done NOTHING (except get over-spray paint on our polished shell). So we said that we would go out and help them with it, with the assumption that they would work on it while we were not there. That’s where the last post came into play. Unfortunately they did not work on it without us, and they didn’t even install things the way we asked. The sketchy part was that we had removed the shell there in hopes of installing the floor,  so everything was in pieces when we went to pick it up. Thankfully we have some amazing friends that came to the rescue!

It’s not easy to lift the shell of a vintage Airstream, let alone lifting it, carrying it outside, setting it on a flatbed, strapping it down so it doesn’t fly off of the flatbed (or bend or get scratched), driving it 8 miles and setting it in our shop safe and sound.


So thank you, Cade, Andy, Eddie, Brian, and Ryan for your help in rescuing the Bubble!

Yes, we have just wasted the past 6 months, and yes, we are feeling quite discouraged on this project, but at least the trailer is back home and we can stop worrying about it. We will start work again on it soon, and hopefully by 2023 we will be able to take it out camping. 🙂


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