What’s an Air Bubble?

 It is the promise of life outside of work, home, bills and stress. It is an escape from the everyday, a home away from home, a vacation in a shiny package, an obsession…

It is a 1957 Airstream Bubble.

The Air Bubble (TAB) started life at the California Airstream factory. It was shiny and new with all the latest and greatest technology available.

Original Bubble Ad

We don’t know where it went from there. Where the story picks back up is in the early 70’s when a man used it as his winter home, traveling all the way from the Pacific Northwest to South of the border to Mexico every winter to bird hunt. Then he would make the return trip to Oregon every Spring (we are pretty sure that he cleaned it once a year… if it needed it or not…).  He did this until just a few years ago when he “upgraded” to a 1970’s motorhome and TAB sat in storage as a safe haven for mice and vermin of all kinds.

Enter Brent and Kat. We are contractors in Salem Oregon and have had Aluminum fever for a very long time. We fell in love with TAB and purchased it in 2011.  We had redone an Airstream once before and knew the ridiculous amount of work ahead of us. But we just couldn’t help ourselves. TAB was the one for us.

At first we thought that we could get it back to usable condition in just a few months. Just clean it up and start camping! Not so fast.

First we had to make the major decision between RESTORATION and RENOVATION. We chose the latter. It was a hard choice as the original design was wonderful, but it wasn’t made for the modern world.  We are going to keep the integrity of the Bubble but make it new, fresh and perfectly Pacific Northwest.

A note about the blog: We run a successful business, have family obligations, and also a house that is under constant remodel. Time is a precious commodity. We try to carve out time in our busy schedules to work on TAB. Sometimes we will post a few times a week, but more often than not it will be months in between posts.  We want to share snapshots of the process, and we hope that you enjoy.

If you are working on your own Airstream project and would like to ask questions, make suggestions, or even just chat about the rainy Oregon weather, drop us a line at theairbubble@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

This is the story of a new life for an old trailer…



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